High assurance SSL shows website visitors your authenticated identity

High assurance OrganizationSSL Certificates provide instant identity confirmation and strong SSL protection for your website. Your customers see that GlobalSign has authenticated your identity – strengthening their trust that they’re doing business with the right people.

OrganizationSSL is an organization validated certificate that gives your website a step up in credibility over domain validated SSL Certificates. OrganizationSSL activates the browser padlock and https, shows your corporate identity, and assures your customers that you take security very seriously.

Why use an OrganizationSSL Certificate?

  • 2048 bit encryption: comply with industry best practices regarding encryption levels
  • Quick verification of organization details: 1 – 2 business day vetting turnaround
  • Increased visitor trust and assurance: authentication of your organization’s identity increases credibility and protects against imposters
  • Affordable security from an established and respected SSL provider
  • Secure single or multiple websites on one certificate with WildcardSSL and Multi-DomainSSL

What Does an OrganizationSSL Certificate Look Like?

Establish Customer Confidence with a Free Site Seal

SSL Secure Site Seal

The presence of a “trust mark” such as the GlobalSign Secure Site Seal will help visitors trust a website and convert general visitors into paying customers.

Why risk potential customers abandoning their shopping carts and web forms? Display the Secure Site Seal to give them the confidence to complete the transaction.